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Quality Electrical Engineering Services in Southeast Wisconsin

What Is an Electrical Engineer

An electrical engineer is someone who designs, builds or maintains systems or devices that use electricity. This encompasses a huge variety of objects from lightbulbs to forklifts. If a system or piece of equipment is powered by electricity, it was most likely designed by an electrical engineer. Electrical engineers undergo years of training and study to understand how to harness electricity and use it to better our lives.

How Can an Electrical Engineer Help You?

At Circle Electric, Inc., we offer an extensive variety of services for businesses. In the past, we have designed, built and installed many electrical systems. Our past projects have included programmable controllers, power substation, energy management systems, lighting, sound systems, energy-efficient solutions, communications systems, alarm systems and more. No matter what your business needs and goals may be, we can take care of it and make your daily tasks easier.

Making Your Equipment and Facility More Efficient

Electrical engineers specialize in making electrical systems more efficient, stronger and resilient. If your operations rely on electrical systems to perform your work, we can help you identify and implement improvement ideas. From automation and controllers to power distribution and computers, we do it all. Our team stays up to speed on the latest technologies, practices and ideas, so we can best accomplish your objectives. With us, you can rest assured that the people designing, building and installing your electrical system are the best in our field.

We Solve Problems

Electrical engineers are electrical inventors. We work to emulate the example of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell and other exceptional electrical engineers who came before us.  We thrive on problem-solving and finding solutions to complex tasks. With our knowledge and training in energy-efficiency and electricity, we can build, design, reconstruct or reinvent anything electrical system that you depend on. You can trust us to build systems that will add value to your processes and facility for years to come.   
If your business uses electricity, we are here for you. From regular maintenance to energy-efficient upgrades, we will solve your problems and meet your needs. Talk to us about your concerns today.