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Find Your Electrical Commercial Contractor in Southeast Wisconsin

What Is an Electrical Contractor?

An electrical contractor is someone who performs construction work relating to an electrical system. While the work of an electrical contractor is similar to that of an electrician, an electrician is an individual tradesman whereas a contractor is a business or company. This distinct difference requires contractors to have specific licensing and insurance that allows them to work on public and commercial projects.

Types of Electrical Contractors

Within the field of electrical contracting, several different areas of specialty exist. The most common ones are:

Outside Contractors

Outside, or line contractors, typically work with outdoor electrical systems. This primarily includes the distribution and transmission of electricity through high-voltage power lines. Outside electrical contractors build and maintain power lines, power plants and everything in between.

Inside Contractors

Inside contractors, as you might guess, work inside. They specialize in any and all electrical work inside of residential, commercial or industrial buildings. They are also responsible for electrical work that is technically outside but still within property lines such as outdoor lighting.

Integrated Building Systems Contractors

Integrated building systems (IBS) and voice, data and video (VDV) contractors work with low-voltage electrical equipment. This is typically inside public and commercial buildings. They work on climate control, telecommunications and security systems as well as other similar devices. These contractors are particularly skilled at helping these systems to work well together to create an energy-efficient, secure building.

We Do It All

No matter what requirements your upcoming project may have, we specialize in all areas of electrical contracting. If you are in need of any electrical construction or contracting needs, the professionals at Circle Electric, Inc. are ready for your call. Contact us today.