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Reliable Commercial Electrician in Butler and Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Best for Your Business

Your business is more than just your livelihood, it is a passion project and a labor of love. As a company founded on these same ideals, Circle Electric, Inc. understands your concerns and needs. Our mission is to take care of your business and get you back on your feet, whatever your electrical needs are.

Save Money

Circle Electric, Inc. knows that as a commercial business, the bottom line is one of your top concerns. We do everything possible to provide quick, quality and efficient commercial electrical services at an economical price. We don’t believe in sacrificing product for cost. With Circle Electric, Inc., you get amazing work at an amazing price every time. 
Not only will we help you initially save money with our competitive pricing, but we’ll also help you to keep more of it day after day. Having the highest-quality and most energy-efficient materials on hand will help your business to work faster and use less energy.

Go Green

Being up to date on the newest electrical innovations will do more than just help save money, it will also help save our planet and environment. Going green, or working with the best tools to reduce energy waste, is good for everyone. By using and conserving energy wisely, we help to create the best quality of life for everyone. As an added bonus, having healthy business practices often helps to attract new customers and may even create higher tax incentives. 
Helping you to succeed in your electrical endeavors is what we are here for. Whatever your current needs are, we are ready for you. Contact us today.