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Does Your Business Have Dangerous Wiring?

Electrical Wires
Running a business means that you have a lot of responsibility, including keeping everyone who enters your business safe. Unfortunately, you can't do that if you have poor wiring and general electrical problems. When these kinds of issues exist, your building is at risk of fire, explosions, and other serious safety hazards. 

Electrical issues, if left unresolved, could end up harming you, your customers, and/or your workers. Plus, they pose a serious threat to your building and other structures and to the overall reputation and name of your business.

Thus, in addition to having electrical inspections done regularly, you should make yourself aware of the warning signs of faulty wiring and general electrical problems. That way, you can notice and potentially remedy an issue before it's too late.

Burning Smells

The smell of something burning is one of the easiest smells to identify. Often, when wiring is going bad, you'll get a whiff of that burning scent. You may not be able to tell where it's coming from or why it's happening, and it may be tempting to brush it off.

However, rest assured that if your wires are fizzling out to the point of burning, or if the casing on the wiring is burning, something isn't right. You should have a professional electrician come out and try to pinpoint where the burning is coming from and what's causing it.

Loose Connections

Something else to be aware of is wires that are loosely connected or otherwise ill fitting. While, as a business owner, you may not get up close and personal with your wires all that often, you should check in with your commercial electrician about the overall status of your wiring.

Ask if your connections are still nice and tight and if you should be concerned about anything. Often, if wiring has loose connections, especially with older aluminum wiring, you could be getting closer and closer to having a fire hazard on your hands. Or you may already have one.

In any event, it's a good idea to know what's going on with your wiring and to prepare for and guard against any potential risks.

Buzzing Sounds

Another indicator that something may not be quite right with your business's wiring is if you hear a buzzing or pulsing sound in the air. If you hear this sound and you don't know where it's coming from, or if you can tell specifically that it's coming from an outlet, something is probably not right with your wiring. 

Buzzing and pulsing noises mean that electricity is not flowing as smoothly and correctly as it should from one wire to the next. While people often get used to electrical noises and ignore them, you really shouldn't. Take any sounds you hear as a major warning sign that you need to do something to make your wiring safer.

Overheated Outlets

Do any of the outlets in your business feel overly hot to the touch? Even after a long period of use, this is not normal and is actually a warning sign that something isn't right with that outlet.

And if something isn't right with that outlet, something isn't right with the wiring behind it. Even worse yet, something is probably wrong with most of the other outlets in that area of your business as well. One hot outlet can actually represent a much larger problem, which is why prompt attention is necessary to ensure safety.

In fact, acting fast on any of these issues is necessary for your safety and the safety of your patrons and workers. For professional electrical help designed specifically for commercial businesses, be sure to contact the experts at Circle Electric, Inc.