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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning an Office Sound System

Portable Wireless Speaker In Office
Today's office is a fast-paced, dynamic, and highly collaborative place, especially as more and more millennials enter the workplace. Both employees and guests are looking to be in an environment that offers a relaxing and engaging ambiance, and the right sound system can help to achieve this environment.
Setting up a solid sound system takes more than just blasting the same old playlist through a single corner speaker. Installing a sound system that truly espouses your business values requires proper design. Here are a few costly mistakes to avoid when planning for a sound system for your business.

Lacking a Clear Goal

A professionally installed background music system can be a significant investment. To get value for money, be clear about what you want your system to achieve, and communicate this goal with your sound specialist.
Every business will have different sound requirements and reasons for installing a sound system. Are you looking to entertain guests? Do you want to minimize noise disruption in an open-space office? Do you want to improve mood and boost productivity? Do you want background music to help create brand awareness and convey office values?
Installing a sound system without considering employee and customer needs can have implications for things like morale and consumer behavior.

Doing It Yourself

If you are looking for a reliable, great-sounding sound system, consider having a professional install such a system in your office. Do-it-yourself audio setups can actually do more harm than you realize. Poor sound can distract employees, impede productivity, or make communication with customers difficult.
Before setting up a sound system, a professional will consider factors such as the layout of the building, the building's sound qualities, and the nature of your business, among other factors. This will help to determine the type of equipment your office needs, ideal speaker location, and the number of speakers per square footage your office needs.
The goal of professional sound system design is to ensure that the sound coming through the speakers is sufficiently audible, is of a higher quality, and espouses your brand vision.

Skimping on Your Background Sound System

While you do not have to break the bank on a sound system, cheap and substandard equipment may not deliver the best experience for your workers and customers. From speakers to amplifiers, cables to microphones, displays to MIDI interfaces, a solid sound system requires quality equipment.
A sound specialist can help you determine the most suitable equipment for your office sound system based on your goals and budget.

Overlooking Sound Masking

Sound masking seems counterintuitive. After all, a sound system should distribute music and other background tunes so that everyone in the office can hear. However, masking can greatly improve the performance of your sound system, boost comfort, and enhance the workplace ambiance.
Masking uses low-volume background sounds that drown out the humdrum that is common in many offices. Masking also enables speech privacy, especially in settings where workers are constantly speaking with customers on phone or face-to-face.
Additionally, by blocking, absorbing, or covering sound, masking can minimize the distraction of human conversations in the workplace and allow workers to remain productive in spite of the activities going on in the office.
The ideal sound system is a balance between sound masking and acoustic design. While masking minimizes distraction, acoustic design controls the distribution of sound in the different spaces in an office.
The idea of walking into an office to the sound of soothing tempos is appealing. A lot goes into achieving a balanced sound that minimizes distraction, entertains guests and workers, and reflects your brand values. A sound specialist can install a sound system that helps you to realize these goals.
If you are looking for a sound system to enhance your business, get in touch with the pros at Circle Electric, Inc. today.